Mine Statutory Requirements

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Statutory requirements (Electrical) under the

Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulation 2014 - NSW

The Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulation 2014 - NSW is now well into its application and the smaller mining and quarrying operations have made many of the changes to bring their systems and equipment in line.

One of the requirements under the legislation is an Electrical Engineering Control Plan (EECP).  If implemented correctly the EECP should cover all of the major statutory requirements (electrical) of the Regulation.

The mines department issued a guide on the EECP and this paper summarises some of the requirements with a focus on smaller surface metalliferous mining operations.

The intent of the EECP is to set out the means by which the mine operator will manage the risks to health and safety associated with electricity at the mine. The EECP forms part of the Safety Management System (SMS) for the site. Other site risks are covered under the overall site SMS.

Some of the major considerations in a EECP are the following:

1.   Overview

This section should re-iterate the intent of the EECP. It should also list the audit and review periods for the site.

2.   Acts and regulations

This section should list the relevant acts and regulations that apply to the site.

3.   Site electrical equipment

This section needs to outline the site in general. The major electrical equipment and a general summary of the equipment onsite.

4.   Risk summary

The EECP should have a concise summary of the major electrical risks. e.g. lightning.

5.   Roles and responsibilities

The EECP needs to outline the roles and the extent of their responsibilities. There are several roles defined under the regulation.

6.   Training and qualification

This section lists the minimum qualifications required to complete electrical tasks onsite. There may be different requirements to complete different tasks e.g. HV operator.

7.   Systems policies and procedures

The EECP needs to list the policies and procedures and how to access these documents. This may include maintenance management plans and arc flash management plans,

8.   Technical requirements

The EECP needs to stipulate any specific technical requirements not listed in the previous sections.

The EECP should be written so that a person completing electrical work onsite understands the equipment, responsibilities, policies and procedures and the technical requirements.

PCE is providing this statutory role and the technical services required under the act and regulation.

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