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Arc Flash Safety

Arc Flash Safety

Arc flash is a common and potentially catastrophic event, affecting infrastructure and/or personnel in the vicinity of the incident. Therefore, arc flash mitigation is at the forefront of electrical safety. Arc flash levels are determined by magnitude of heat energy and will vary at different points of the network.

PCE was involved in an arc flash risk management strategy at a large Coal Loading Facility, designed to increase awareness of arc flash levels at various electrical locations in each of their switch rooms. The major objective of the project was to clearly articulate arc flash energy levels to assist electricians required for switching procedures.

Using PTW modelling software, site-wide arc flash studies were undertaken to collect incident energy data for the standard switching arrangements.

Colour contoured single line diagrams were implemented, with universally understandable arc flash risks associated with each section of electrical equipment. These drawings were standardised and installed in all substations and switch rooms at the facility.