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Aurizon Distributed Fuel Upgrade

Aurizon Distributed Fuel Upgrade

Project Overview

Aurizon is one of Australia’s largest rail freight operators, with a locomotive maintenance and refuelling facility at Hexham, NSW. To maintain serviceability to a varying locomotive fleet, Aurizon has recently undertaken a project to install new diesel refuelling modules 1.5km from the main refuelling facility. PCE was engaged on the project for electrical and control engineering services pertaining to the upgrade.

VSD Integration and Commissioning

A key part of the facility upgrade was to replace the existing AB Soft Starter units on the diesel refuelling pumps with suitable VSDs. PCE was responsible for the design, specification, programming and commissioning of three new AB Powerflex Variable Speed Drives. This also included integration of the VSDs with the site’s PLC control system and SCADA; AB CompactLogix and Schneider ClearSCADA respectively.  

Electrical Design

PCE was responsible for the electrical design of the new refuelling area and associated control panels. This involved the development of:

  • Control & LCS Panel(s) design – SLDs, schematics, terminations and general arrangements
  • Cable specification & schedules – power, control & network
  • Cable route drawings
  • Conduit arrangements
  • Network communication design
  • Lighting reticulation design  


Control Panel Supply

PCE supplied four new control panels for the project, each with Allen Bradley Point I/O modules and a fiber backbone to facilitate integration with the existing site PLC network. The panels were designed by PCE and manufactured by a subcontractor, with Factory Acceptance Testing completed by a PCE engineer before delivery to site. Site Acceptance Testing was also completed by PCE.

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Control Systems Engineering

As the project electrical and control engineers, PCE was responsible for interfacing of the new refuelling modules with the existing site PLC and SCADA system. This involved:

  • Liaison and integration with the Fuel Management System OEM; FluidIntel
  • Integration of field instrumentation – pressure transmitters, leak detection modules, nozzle switches etc.
  • Configuration of new remote Field IO PLC modules
  • Modifications to existing PLC system logic
  • Development of new SCADA pages and mimics