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Electrical Processing Facility Design

CSD Conceptual Engineering 


Cotton Seed Distributors has a cotton seed processing facility at Wee Waa in NSW. To meet growing demand for product, CSD initiated a project for a new processing facility at their existing site, which was officially opened in June 2018. PCE was engaged by Advitech to complete electrical engineering design for the proposed upgrade and offer consulting services during the design, tender and construction phases of the project.

Design Phase

PCE was responsible for the electrical concept design of the facility upgrade. The following documentation was developed by PCE and issued as a part of the tender package:

  • Functional specifications for each processing plant;
  • Electrical specifications (VSD specification, I/O modules, switchboards, cables, active harmonic filter specification);
  • Control, Network, CCTV and SCADA specifications;
  • Cable schedules for each processing plant (power, network, instrumentation cabling);
  • Electrical design and associated drawings – SLDs, Network, MCC & cell layouts, Local Control Panel layouts, Field I/O Panel layouts; and
  • Equipment instrumentation lists. 


Construction Phase

After the tender package was awarded, PCE remained involved in the project by offering consulting services. PCE’s tasks during this phase included review of the contractor’s electrical design at significant milestones, issue of revised instrumentation lists to incorporate equipment changes. PCE also worked with international OEMs to ensure that internationally sourced equipment met relevant Australian Standards. PCE also completed physical inspections and approval for the manufactured switchboards and local control panels prior to transport to site.