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Emergency Back-Up Diesel Generator Integration

Emergency Back-up Diesel Generator Integration


PCE were engaged to manage the installation of a 2000KVA diesel generator for emergency backup power for a large power station in the Hunter Valley. The aim was to provide a short-term emergency power solution whilst the design of a permanent solution was constructed.

Temporary Diesel Generator Installation

PCE were responsible for getting the diesel generator set to the site, design of the power circuit interface, electrical protection and for the management and coordination of contractors to install and commission the set. As part of the installation, PCE were also responsible for integrating and testing the diesel generator controls including indications and alarms to an existing power station control room. To assist with the operation and maintenance of the emergency system, PCE were also involved in updating job sheets for the temporary installation, creating a philosophy and plant note document, as well as updating drawings related to the new installation.

Permanent Installation Feasibility

As a part of the temporary emergency diesel generator management, PCE completed a holistic assessment of available options for a permanent emergency power system. The options analysis considered operability, ease of maintenance, reliability as an emergency system, cost, ownership of assets, and required control systems; providing feasibility information to the client on the design options most suited to their requirements.