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HV Power System Model Management

HV Power System Model Management 

Power Control Engineers (PCE) were engaged by a large mining and exploration group, to review, update and manage the high voltage power system model for their coal operation in the Hunter Valley. PCE’s engagement supported a major change in site utility supply conditions and assisted the mine to manage a range of ongoing site upgrades; providing site engineering resources with operational and planning support and fulfilling statutory documentation requirements.

The mine site is supplied at 66kV which is reticulated across the site via sections of overhead line. There are two 66/22kV mobile substations to supply the 22kV dragline and a main 66/22kV substation, which in turn supplies some 30+ LV MCCs and switchboards spread across the operation.

DJI 0314

Figure 1 - 66kV Intake Switching Station

DJI 0321

Figure 2 - Main Infrastructure Substation (66/22kV)

The initial phase of the project was to update the site PTW model with upgrades since the last major revision of the site power system model, and subsequent power studies. The entire model was verified using site drawings, test reports and site photographs, and undertaking physical site inspections. Fault level, protection, arc flash and load flow studies were then conducted with the verified model. Where necessary, recommendations were made to rectify protection deficiencies and improve arc flash outcomes across the site, including a full review and update of the site protection settings database.

IMG 8437

Figure 3 - Transportable Substation (66/22/6.9kV)

20210416 Dragline sunset 4

Figure 4 - 22kV Dragline

Power system model review, update and study works were executed in 3 stages over a period of 18 months, with each stage representing a unique portion of the site power infrastructure and/or a specific geographical section of the operation. Ongoing model management sees PCE continuing to update the site power system model, run power studies for additions or changes to site electrical infrastructure, and update documentation.