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Data Centre Connection and LV Private Network Design

Leading Edge Data Centres (LEDC) have a mission to provide secure, fast, reliable, and cost-effective data storage and access capability to regional Australia. A roll out of scalable Tier III regional data centers is underway and is providing regional Australians with a home for their IT infrastructure; improving user experience, reducing costs, and enabling regional businesses to compete and grow.

Power Control Engineers (PCE) have been a proud enabling partner of LEDC since October 2020, responsible for the design and integration of appropriately reliable power supplies, commensurate with the high standards and requirements of Tier III data centres. This includes:

  • ASP3 design services to augment the DNSP network and establish kiosk substations at each of the DC sites;
  • Private reticulation infrastructure included main switchboards to provide redundancy of mains supply; and
  • Tie-in of multiple generators to further enhance the reliability of supply.

 Construction Phase - Main electrical infrastructure

Figure 1 – Construction Phase – Main Electrical Infrastructure

Despite the unique scenarios and conditions presented by each location, standardisation of design and equipment was a key consideration for ongoing management of the data centres. The challenge of sensibly catering for future growth and expansion was also addressed. As was achieving coordination of the electrical protection to leverage maximum redundancy from the power system.

Construction Phase – Generator Infrastructure
Figure 2 – Construction Phase – Generator Infrastructure

Thus far PCE have been involved with seven LEDC sites across two states with the scalable LEDC architecture allowing for two unique datacenter types of differing capacities; to be delivered across these and future sites. PCE is excited to support LEDC in its vision to ‘empower regional Australia through an interconnected network of resilient, Tier III data centers’.

Completed Data Centre (Tamworth)

Figure 3 – Completed Tamworth Data Centre


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