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Mine Protection and Arc Flash Study

Mine Protection and Arc Flash Study

An Australian metalliferous mine with extensive electrical infrastructure required a review of fault levels, protection settings and arc flash risks. The mine had been in operation for many years, so the electrical infrastructure was of many different vintages and in widely varying condition.

The mine consists of two sites – the surface processing works with a largely 3.3kV distribution system and, approximately 40km away, the Underground Mine with an 11kV distribution system.

PCE visited the site and with the help of site personnel, inspected all possible site switchboards, distribution boards and transformers to verify ratings, cable details and protection settings.

Using ETAP, a complete site arc flash study was completed to provide the client with the incident energy data for the existing distribution situation; including suggested labelling and PPE types and suppliers.

Later work was also completed to recommend protection changes to reduce the arc flash incident energy levels on site.