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Northern NSW Defence Establishments - HV Power System Engineering Support

Northern NSW Defence Establishments - HV Power System Engineering Support 


A large multinational responsible for estate management and upkeep of Australian Defence Bases and Establishments within Northern NSW has sought engineering support for a variety of tasks relating to their high voltage (HV) private network and associated distribution systems. Power Control Engineers has proudly partnered with this organisation to provide successful engineering solutions in the following areas -

Documentation Audit & Standardisation

PCE was primarily engaged to develop standardised documentation for Northern NSW Army, RAAF, and Navy establishments. The documentation produced was principally required to meet strict Defence specifications in accordance with the Department of Defence Manual of Infrastructure Engineering Electrical and Spatial Data Management Plan (SDMP). The development of such documentation involved comprehensive non-intrusive site inspection, confirming circuit configuration and asset details. Through project completion, high voltage asset risk mitigation was addressed at each of the analysed sites.

High Voltage System Configuration Manual & HVISMP Development

Progressing the development of high-quality site documentation, standardised High Voltage System Configuration Manuals and High Voltage Installation Safety Management Plans were produced by PCE for multiple Defence establishments. This undertaking involved the consideration of both the requirements of the Department of Defence Manual of Infrastructure Engineering Electrical (MIEE) and Service Installation Rules NSW.

High Voltage Protection Analysis & Design

PCE was further engaged to conduct high voltage protection studies for multiple Australian Navy, Army and RAAF bases. Such studies included protection coordination analysis of existing site infrastructure with optimised recommendations for equipment protection settings. Each site required a unique solution, with varying degrees of network size, underground and overhead installations, utility liaison and system complexity.

Earthing System Design, Testing & Analysis

Advancing the implementation of power system analyses, PCE is currently engaged in the assessment of high voltage asset earthing at multiple Defence establishments as per the requirements of the DoD MIEE. To achieve this, PCE has attended site to conduct Fall-of-Potential earth testing and visual inspection. Comprehensive analysis was further undertaken to calculate site-wide earth fault levels, earth potential rise magnitudes and prospective step and touch potentials at each substation. As a result of such studies, maximum touch voltage limits were validated as per AS3000:2018 and AS2067.

Transformer Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

With an equipment-specific safety approach, PCE was engaged to conduct dissolved gas analysis for two 33/0.433kV oil-filled transformers at an Australian Army establishment. Using DGA test reports, PCE produced and utilised historic and current key gas signatures to conclude the health of the electrical infrastructure. Dissolved gas analysis may be implemented to observe the operation of the transformer, mitigating electrical breakdown risk – ensuring the transformer remains in service.

High Voltage Equipment Condition Assessment

Furthering high voltage equipment safety, PCE were engaged to conduct parting discharge testing on high voltage switchgear within two substations on an Australian Navy base. Maintaining non-intrusive inspection, the Ultrasonic Test Method and the Transient Earth Voltage test method were implemented on site to detect insulation voids, electrical breakdown, and corona. The test results were analysed with conclusions produced on the condition of the switchgear and recommendations proposed for progressive high voltage maintenance.

33kV Cable Replacement Design & Project Management

PCE were additionally involved in the replacement of a 33kV main supply cable at an Australian Army base. Electrical engineering works provided by PCE included cable trenching design & routing, high voltage cable sizing calculations, HV electrical installation scope of works development, detailed design drawings and on-site commissioning.

Defence Standard Auditing

Following the successful implementation of standardised documentation, as per the requirements of the DoD MIEE and SDMP, PCE were engaged to conduct low voltage asset audits to ensure electrical safety. PCE attended site to validate physical assets, comprehensively assessing equipment labelling, protection operation and circuit configuration.

Future Works

In support of our partnership, PCE have sponsored multiple resources to obtain Department of Defence clearances (DCAC), allowing them to work autonomously on site. We are further involved with high voltage geographical plan development, load flow power system studies and high voltage earth system analysis; among other ongoing services.