Fire Suppression System Design

photo fire supression

Fire Suppression Systems at Mount Isa Water Board Electrical Switchrooms

PCE engineers produced a scope of work and tender documents, acting as owners engineer for MIWB, for the design, supply and installation of Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems at two high voltage electrical switchrooms.

PCE assisted MIWB in researching different types of Fire Suppression Systems for electrical switchrooms and generated business case documents together with the required tender documents to initiate the project.

Fire suppression systems have evolved from Halon back in the 80’s, to HFC based agents such as FM200 after Halon was phased out in 1994, to Inert gas systems which are the most common type installed today.

Halon was phased out in 1994 due to effects on the ozone layer. HFC’s, while an improvement on Halon, have largely been replaced by Inert Gas Systems in recent years.


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