Power Control Engineers provides power system analysis services. The analysis includes evaluation of:

  • Electrical equipment (e.g. Transformers, cables, switchboards and switches) for fault and load carrying ability
  • Voltages during normal operation and power system events e.g. Fluctuating Loads
  • Safety of personnel in the event of a power system fault
  • System reliability and spare parts

The analysis is the first step in improving the safety and reliability of any power system. The analysis forms the foundation for an action plan.

Power Studies

Power Control Engineers can complete the following power system studies;

  • Fault Levels
  • Arc Flash
  • Load flow and Volt drop
  • Earthing systems
  • Motor Starting
  • Harmonic Analysis

Condition Assessment

Power Control engineers provides condition assessment for electrical equipment. The assessment is based both on technical information and from our industry experience. The purpose is to establish the remaining operation life of the equipment so that an appropriate maintenance or replacement strategy can be implemented.

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