Level 3 ASP

Level 3 ASP (ASP3)

We are Level 3 Accredited Service Providers (ASP3) for the NSW electricity network, Accreditation Number 2891. As ASP3 providers PCE are able to undertake the design of contestable work on behalf of the client for the augmentation of the supply authority network. Contestable designs are defined as the design and construction of:

  • A new or altered connection to the supply authority network, or
  • Asset relocation works, which are requested and funded by the developer or proponent, who can choose an ASP to carry out the works.

At PCE we are experienced in all aspects of ASP3 design. We have also had experience in complete project management, from the application for a new connection, through design, installation, to providing evidence that the private installation complies with the supply authority standards for connection.

Our experience includes:

  • Applications for new connections on behalf of the customer, including maximum demand assessment
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment forms, and community consultation
  • Preparation of network plans as per the supply authorities standards for design
  • Specification of equipment required to meet the supply authorities requirements
  • Overhead design work, including;
  • Overhead line profiling
  • Pole force calculations
  • Stringing tables
  • Underground design work, including;
  • Cable route selection and installation (trenching / under boring)
  • Easement and equipment locations
  • Street lighting designs in accordance with the supply authority standards, local council requirements and AS/NZS 1158
  • Earth resistance testing
  • Private installation cable and equipment specifications, including protection and fault current calculations
  • Obtaining certified network plans that can be used by the customer to obtain quotations for the installation works from Level 1 Accredited Service Providers

PCE are accredited to design for the installation of both overhead and underground network assets, including substations, and regularly undertake work on the Ausgrid (formerly Energy Australia) and Essential Energy (formerly Country Energy) networks.


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