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Subdivision Electrical Network Design

Subdivision Electrical Network Design

Power Control Engineers were engaged for the electrical design of an 86-lot Torrens Title subdivision in Griffith, NSW. The project was implemented over 4 stages, with 4 unique design submissions. Each stage required a Certified Design Package, as well as delivery of accredited service provider documentation, including a Summary of Environmental report.

High voltage and low voltage network reticulation design was included in the scope, with all deliverables specified to the standards of the relevant accredited service provider, Essential Energy. Associated HV and LV construction details were incorporated in the design package, encompassing cable/conduit trench cross sectional layout, easement allocation, HV / LV schematic and earthing design for 2 pad mount substations. 

PCE delivered street lighting network design to all stages of the proposed subdivision. This involved street lighting design to AS/NZS1158.3 Category P, and assessment of existing street lighting within the works area to AS/NZS1158.1 Category V and AS/NZS1158.3 Category P.

The construction phase is expected to be completed in Q2 2021.